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The Critical Journey Resources


Video Resources

Animated videos and group facilitator guides for delightful spiritual growth

Stages of Faith

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It can feel threatening when our experience of faith changes--or when someone else's does. Based on The Critical Journey: Stages in the Life of Faith by Janet O. Hagberg and Robert A. Geulich, these videos look at classic wisdom from spiritual direction about what different stages of faith look like and about how to figure out both where we are and what we might expect is to come.

For a deeper dive on The Critical Journey, check out this episode from The Pocket Contemplative podcast. Group facilitator's guide and and print-outs are also available on request. Email

The Interior Castle

The greatest spiritual teachers tell us that doing our best to improve however we can is crucial. But then they warn us that our quest for improvement will abruptly become less helpful--which is not a problem at all, but is an invitation to walk into the full life we've been wanting. This is the moment when transformation comes into play. This video offers a short introduction to the great teacher of transformation, the sixteenth century biggie Teresa of Avila and her classic book, The Interior Castle.

For a deeper dive on Teresa of Avila and The Interior Castle, check out this episode from The Pocket Contemplative podcast.

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